Extraordinary Church Meeting – Sunday, 2nd September, 2.30pm

At the Annual Church Meeting a resolution was made to hold an Extraordinary Church Meeting to discuss the Windsor Leadership Team report in more detail, give members more opportunity to express their views, and to allow more detailed feedback. This is essential to planning for both the immediate running of the Church, in the next year, and its future beyond that.

The Extraordinary Church Meeting will take place on Sunday, 2nd September at 2.30pm. All contributions are welcome and the meeting will be minuted. At the meeting, members of the Leadership Team will speak to each of the specific challenges facing the Church at this time. The floor will then be opened for discussion, on a point-by-point basis.

The Extraordinary Church Meeting represents your opportunity, as a member of the Church, to contribute your point of view and to help steer the future direction of Windsor Methodist Church. After the meeting, the Leadership Team will put together a report and recommendations to take forward to the October Church Council meeting.

Please do your very best to attend.