Cookie Policy

It needs to be said that here in Windsor such treats have always been called biscuits. You are more than welcome to come to any of our church services or events and have an actual biscuit with a cup of tea or coffee, and some good Christian fellowship.

In the meanwhile, we want you to know that our church does not use website cookies or any other mechanism to identify, track or target visitors to our site.

Please be aware, however, that our website is built using a technology called Squarespace. Squarespace does deploy a cookie from the sites it operates (including ours) which is described on the Squarespace blog as follows:


Squarespace websites drop a single tracking cookie called ‘ss_lastvisit’ to allow our statistics module to determine if a website visitor is unique.


To comply with the EU directive for e-privacy, when you first visit our website you will see a dialogue that asks you to accept or decline website cookies. This refers to the Squarespace cookie described above.

Please feel free to click on “I wish to accept cookies from this website” or “Decline” as you wish.

You can find more information on Squarespace cookies and the EU directive here.

Privacy Policy

We are serious about data protection and your privacy.

We make every effort not to place identifiable photographs of anyone on our website without express permission from the person themselves or (for children) their parent or guardian.

This is why some of the photographs of our activities are taken from behind and show only the backs of people’s heads (we promise you they are all smiling).

On occasion, so that we may display an image, we will use software to blur the faces of individuals in cases where permission has not been explicitly sought.

Please contact us immediately about any image, or your name or other identifying information, if it appears on our website and you have any concerns at all about your personal data protection and privacy.

Image Policy

As you can see we use lots of images on our website.

Some of our pages use stock photography provided by commercial companies under royalty free arrangements. Where these appear they have been licensed for use.

Some other images we believe we are able to use freely and in those cases we have provided an image credit and link back to the original source.

Photographs of our various activities and our premises taken by individual members of the church, or others, are used with their permission. These may be trimmed or otherwise processed before display (for example, to remove the background from the image or to blur faces).

We also display the logos of many of the organisations we support. Some of these have been sourced from those organisations’ websites.

The vast majority of the images we display have been obtained under terms specifying unconditional use.

In particular we are extremely grateful to the large number of churches and other image providers that are prepared to share Christian artwork on the Web without requiring any payment or credit. This has enabled us to keep our costs reasonable without compromising the colourful and professional quality of our website.

If you are a church or Christian organisation that is looking for “just the right image” then try a search in your browser for, “free christian clipart” and you will uncover many such resources.

If you believe we are using any proprietary image for which you own the property rights and are doing so without appropriate licensing or credit then please contact us immediately.

Advertising Policy

We do not accept payment or any other form of remuneration or reward in return for advertising or marketing on our website. Full stop.

Sometimes we may advertise our own or others products and services, or events and performances that have a entry fee or cost associated with them or where we have set a suggested donation amount.

We are involved in many activities and fund raising, especially for Methodist and Christian charities, and organisations such as Fairtrade. We are passionate about the worthy causes that we support and often seek to promote them to the wider public on our website and elsewhere.

We do not receive any money from any of these organisations. In fact, quite the reverse, we collect on their behalf and freely forward to them money and other donations.

If you represent a charitable organisation, particularly one with a Christian ethos or based in the Windsor area or the Thames Valley, and you would like to work with us on a project or campaign then please get in contact.

Errata Policy

We apologise in advance for any mistakes, inaccuracies, spelling errors, typos or poor grammar we use on this website. We know from time to time we are bound to slip up.

There is space in God’s Kingdom for tax collectors and pedants so please let us know by contacting us if you come across anything that is not entirely correct in your view, either factually or in its transcription onto our website.

(This applies particularly to those annoying little things that can really bug you and stop you from coming back to visit us regularly. Let us know and we will see what we can do to sort it out quickly and make amends as appropriate.)