You will find the form for general enquiries here. This form is for reporting safeguarding issues only. You will find an explanation of what we mean by safeguarding here.

Reports lodged through this form are routed directly to our Local Complaints Officer who will handle them in consultation with you; in confidence and in accordance with the Methodist Church in Britain's Safeguarding Policy and the Windsor Methodist Church's Local Safeguarding Policy.

Information transmitted through this form will not be seen by, or sent to, any of our other members, our leadership team, or even our minister. Please note however that we cannot guarantee complete confidentiality on all matters. For example, we are bound by law to report any criminal activities that we become aware of to the appropriate authorities. Nevertheless we will remain sensitive and sympathetic to you, stand by you and try to support you at all times.

Safeguarding Contact Form

Please tell us who you are. Your complaint will be handled in confidence.
If you would like to be contacted by telephone, otherwise leave an email or street address.
If you would like a reply in writing, otherwise leave an email or phone number.
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Safeguarding Officer

Our safeguarding officer is Kathy Sadler. Kathy, along with her other duties, is responsible for ensuring that our safeguarding policies are properly implemented and that our stewards, staff and as many members as possible are made aware of safeguarding issues and are properly trained to deal with them.

Local Complaints Officer

Our Local Complaints Officer is appointed by our Church Council and is Jon Garde. He, as well as all of our stewards and other staff, have undertaken safeguarding training in accordance with our safeguarding policies.

Jon will engage with you and handle your enquiry sensitively and confidentially.