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Building the community hall in Gulu

Our project is all about reaching out to the internally displaced people of Uganda, as described by Dr Phoebe Abe below:

For over twenty years They were born and bred in the IDP[Internally Displaced People’s] Camps. I have personally visited and worked with my people since 1992 till now.

Then in 2010 they were told to go back to their ancestral home/villages [which were all destroyed during the insurgency of 1986-2010] if they can locate them. But most of them cannot.


.most of them do not have anywhere to sleep or live.

.most of them now subjected to all sorts of unusual social disadvantages in the area and finding themselves;

.Teenage mothers with babies they do not even know how to care for.

.Youths and young people with no social skills to carry out the simplest forms of work

We have therefore decided to build a ‘COMMUNITY HALL’ [which can be used for many purposes such as where to sleep, play basketball, learn computer, sewing lessons and handcrafts] in this particular area.  We cannot spread our wings for the whole of Northern Uganda. But can try and do so for a few under the DR ABE FOUNDATION a registered Company Charity by guarantee registration number: 9335401.

To build the Community Hall they need water at the site. They are currently struggling to dig water holes which seems to dry up as they try and for example make their own bricks.

Windsor Methodist Church has so far raised in excess of £2.5K and our aim is to raise a total of £5k over 2 years.  If you would like to help/donate to this project please contact Rev Margaret Dudley.

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